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Explore the distinctive benefits of Base blockchain, a Layer 2 technology. With its emphasis on security, minimal fees, and effortless integration, it stands out as the perfect option for entering the vibrant realm of on-chain applications.

What Is Base (BASE)?

Base represents a groundbreaking Ethereum layer 2 blockchain designed to address the constantly expanding needs of contemporary decentralized systems. It's crafted with a focus on resolving the common obstacles that hinder blockchain scalability and strength. Similar to prior innovations, the Base network operates on the fundamental values of decentralization, cost-effectiveness, swift transaction rates, and sustainable technology.

One captivating aspect of Base is its effortless alignment with other primary chain networks, enabling developers to seamlessly migrate their ongoing ventures onto Base, capitalizing on its enhanced processing capacity and reduced transaction expenses.

What Makes BASE Unique?

BASE distinguishes itself by prioritizing security, scalability, and user-friendly access. By utilizing Ethereum's sturdy foundation, it substantially diminishes transaction expenses while upholding top-notch efficiency. Crucial for both developers and users, BASE simplifies the shift toward a decentralized economic model.
Enhanced Security
Low Transaction Fees
Virgo Wallet Features

Base Swaps

Exchange cryptocurrencies on the Base blockchain easily and securely directly from Virgo Wallet. Thanks to this feature, you can exchange digital currencies without needing to access a third-party exchange platform.

Get started with Base in 3 simple steps

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Download Virgo Wallet

Virgo Wallet is available for web extensions (Google Chrome, Firefox) and for android (Google Store).


Create or import a new wallet

Open the wallet from your device. Create a new wallet, or access an existing one using your memory phrase.


Get some ETH

Exchange, send, receive, earn or buy (coming soon) ETH without leaving your Virgo Wallet.
Virgo Wallet Features

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about your Base Wallet.
What is Base ?
Base emerges as an advanced blockchain network introduced by Coinbase as an L2 solution, seeking to revolutionize scalability and effectiveness benchmarks in decentralized networks. When safeguarding and handling your Base assets, contemplate utilizing BASE Wallet, recognized as one of the premier private cryptocurrency wallets accessible presently.
When was Base Created?
Base was introduced for the first time in the year 2022.
Who made Base?
Coinbase Labs spearheaded the innovation and launch of Base, catering to users seeking smooth transactions and secure storage for their Base assets.

What's the Price of Base?
You can consistently check the asset's price and access its price chart within the wallet application.